Friday, April 24, 2009

Ni lg 1 kisah putera klantan ...jgn cemarkan name klate weh...
Xtau la storyy ni btl ke ko bc n phm2 sndiri ler..kalo dh msuk paper btl la kot..
“Muhammad Fakhry (The Tengku Temenggong) married this rich and pretty Indonesian girl, Manohara on August 26, 2008. Before the marriage, on New Year’s Eve of December 2007, Muhammad Fakhry had forcefully raped her. The marriage took place in August 2008. This marriage, in the opinion of The Mighty Pen, was forced upon Muhammad Fakhry, who earlier consented only to an informal marriage called ‘nikah siri’. This is the standard practice of Muslim men wanting to marry more than one wife (or even for first timers), not wanting to attract too much publicity. Or you may want to call it a ‘secret marriage’. This is quite common in Indonesia. Many wealthy Malaysians keep mistresses in Bandung, Surabaya, etc under this secret marriage practice, without the knowledge of their wives in Malaysia.

After a short duration of the official marriage, Manohara left the prince and stayed back in Indonesia, before she was hoodwinked by the Kelantan royal family by inviting her and her family members to perform the Umrah. Daisy claimed that her daughter had run away to Indonesia earlier after a short duration of marriage, complaining of frequent abuse by her 31-year-old husband. They also claimed that the French Indonesian model, who was named as one of the country’s top models by an international magazine, was cut with a razor blade by her husband. Manohara’s parent tried to enter Malaysia to reclaim their daughter but was stopped by the Immigration Department, under the instruction of the Raja Perempuan of Kelantan (the ruler’s wife), and Najib, the prime minister of Malaysia.Manohara’s mother, Daisy Fajarina, said the royalty had forcefully taken her daughter away in a private jet from Saudi Arabia, where the family had gone to perform the umrah (pilgrimage) last month.Manohara’s family was invited to perform the umrah between Feb 25 and March 9 this year in order to reconcile with the royalty.In December 2006, Daisy and Manohara were invited to attend a dinner with the then Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and this was where the model had met her husband. The invitation was made through a close friend. Why Najib?”