Saturday, February 27, 2010

About him:
1. His Name: Mohd Hanis Hamdi
2. How did you meet: ms U..Kustem
3. Did you like him right away: Definitely yes..=)
4. When did you first meet: Jun 2004
5. Where was your first date: Pantai Tok jembal (kalo x silap)
6. What did you like about him: His heart
7. What didn't you like about him: Adela..mane leh gtau ^_^
Fun Stuff..
8. Did he use a pick up line?: no..
9. Who flirted first: me? him?..hehe
10. Do he tickle you a lot: mostly
11. Do you hate his family: no..syg bangat same papa..mama..angah n adik ya
2. Do you like his friends: yes..xkisah pon..
Little more Personal..
13. What was the first kiss like(a peck, french, etc.): owhh..secret!hehe..
14. How did you feel after the kiss: :P
15. Who made the first BIG move: mestila my luvly hubby
16. Did you play hard to get: for me x kot..
17. Are you in love: yup...tiap ms..
Firsts Together..
18 Restaurant: xegt la..lame da
19. Movie: kuantan
20. fight: xegt
21. Trip: xegt
22. Lie: emm...lg xegt
Random Relationship Stuff..
23. Do you live together: yes..cos da kawen
24. Share a Checking account: yes..mestila..
25. Planning anything major: of cos...
26. Would you do anything different: sumtime..but both of us need each other
27. Do you see yourself with him in the distant future: Hopefully..Insya Allah..Aminnnn

About ME

1. Name: Zieti Atiyyah Zakaria
2. Age: 25
3. Birthday: 27/10/1985
4. EyeColor: Hitam tu menawan..kehkehkeh.
6. Height: 160cm
7. Work At: Menara PKNS PJ(PTM)
Family and Friends..
8. I have more Girl or Guy Friends: Guy
9. Best Friend:Elin
10. Loudest Friend: emm..ntah.
11. I have a Big Family or Small Family: big family
12. Number of Brothers and Sisters: 4bros,6siss
13. Movie: Titanic
14. Color: Pink
15. Number: 7
16. Name: H & Z
17. Song: Nothing's Gonna Change My love For you(dedicated to my hubby)
Have I Ever..
18 Fallen in Love: yup!!deeply
19. Kissed my Best Friend: mestila tp bkn ciom molot yea..hehe
20. Skipped School: ade la ms nakal2..
21. Been in a Fight: yup!
22. Done the Robot Dance: never
Last Person I..
23. Kissed: My hubby
24. Called: my hubby
25. Instant Messaged: My old fren
26. Told I Loved: my hubby
27. Yelled At: erm...jarang la..xsampai ati..



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